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We group together employers and provide them with cost effective safety programs and training.  

This includes: implementation of their safety programs, safety audits, assistance in procuring and budgeting safety and personal protective equipment, accident investigations, standard interpretations, annual refresher training and maintain a positive attitude towards a safe working environment.

P Group members share the cost of the consultant.

P Cities, Towns, Villages, Water and Wastewater Districts.

P All departments can be covered.

P Ensure compliance with the State and Federal Requirements.

P Train the Group Members to bring them into compliance.

P Provide the necessary documentation for compliance.

P Assist with implementation of their site-specific programs.

P Establish a positive attitude towards a safe working environment.

P Provide ongoing safety audits to maintain the site-specific programs.

P Provide a group recordkeeping management system.

P Assist the Group Members with compliance inspections. 

Share the cost of training and audits with your Group Members. This concept is a proven way to save money and stay in compliance with the latest safety and health regulations.

Give us a call and we can setup a presentation in your area.

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